maandag 4 mei 2015

May the Fourth be With You - the Lego Loot

The Lego Star wars annual event is in full swing now, so me and Chu, together with a friendly couple went to the Wijnegem Lego Store to secure our collectables and get our Lego fix.

First, we went out for a chat and breakfast, but then the raid on the store began.

My goals?  Mos Eisley, which has a 10% discount these days from Lego, the new Jurassic World Dyphlo set and try to `feel` for the only series 2 Simpsons figure I want, Comic Store Guy.

I scored a win over the whole line, as I got CSG pretty fast (first feel for the tile, then for the straw of the slushy cup to prevent mixing him with Krababbel`s coffee cup), and got myself a small extra with finally getting the life size coffee mug.

The goodies where nice this year, with the episode 4 Movie Poster in Lego style, and the limited edition Admiral Yularen figure.

Chu bought some stuff for the Smurf as well, with the Lego Movie set, the Doubledecker Couch, as well as another Simpson bag *which should* have Bart in it, and a gold Lego fig keychain.

And to make it all just that little bit better... my mate had this with him for me:

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