donderdag 7 mei 2015

Building My First Princess

Continuing in the `girly Lego` today, the build report focusses on one of the Junior sets of last year.  Now, this isn`t a full report as such, as the set has no complete step by step instructions, but instead gives hints and promotes creativity in the young ones.

Which is a good thing I think...

But first of all, look at the price when it was in discount last january (yeah, I know, HUGE backlog).  Needless to say, I picked up half a dozen of the sets for the princess minifigure and the horse alone already.

The box contains two bags of parts apart from the large pieces and the instruction booklet.

Now, the minifig has two alternate leg sets: a robed slope for a true princess, and a pants set for if you want to build the horse riding builds suggested in the set.

For this report, I went for the main build of the box art, the small castle tower.

With lots of pinks and pastels as a base, the first thing we do is put together a small wallpiece that serves as the feeding bag holder for the horse.

The horse can be build in such a way that it is pulling a small cart, including shiney stuffsies ;-)

The second part of the build is the small tower.  Like good old Lego times, this is basically a build up pink wall with a window, to which on top the rampart is added.

Put the small fences with it, and all is done.

It`s a great set actually, especially at the price I only paid for it to boot.  Giving you a nice stack of pastel colours, the newer style horse and a female medieval minifigure, there isn`t much about this not to like...

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