zondag 3 mei 2015

Classic Build: Magic Shop

The Magic Shop, set 6020 from the old Castle line of the early 90s, is a nifty looking little set.

I recently (re-aquired) it and today, I`m presenting a small overlook of the build process.  Considering it is a small set, there isn`t that much happening in it, but nevertheless, here we go.

The `shop` is actually nothing more then essentially a tree trunk backwall with a branch on top, but it comes with a cool wizard minifigure who carries a printed scroll.

Set on a 6x6 plate, the outline of the set is shown swiftly.

We then use brown `castle corner` pieces to make the base of the trunk in which the shop is located.

Lego points... that brings back pre-internet memories...

The branches are then added to the trunk, as the scroll and a glass sit on a stone slab.

I don`t know if torches are actually that good an idea near a tree... I hope he knows a spell equal to Harry Potter`s Aguamenti...

The ladder represents in my mind some vines covering up the inside of the trunk

Adding some branches and some additional accessories, the build is then completed.

Nothing fancy, yet in some way it is an appealing set.  And the wizard is great figure to boot!

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