zaterdag 21 mei 2016

Build Report: 70335 Ultimate Lavaria

While I`m not to fond of the Nexo Knights range, this was one of the smaller ones I just HAD to get.

Okay, so the bad guys have more usuable parts for the moc'cer like me, if you tend to build castles and pirate vessels that is, but this set also has one heck of a cool minifigure.

The set contains an instruction sheet, as well as a bag of parts for a not to big build in itself, but full with handy elements in "good" colours.

Sure, her mainbuild has her as a spiderlike creature, but she also comes with "normal" legs making her a fantastic succubus minifigure.

The spider body is also the main thing we build first, based on two round plates the backside is made up first.

Clawed, insect like legs are then attached to the main body section.

The torso, wings and hooded head are then put on top of this, showing a very sinister looking spiderqueen.

She is armed with a doublepointed spear (a glaive) and the Scarab shield.

Next, we start working on the display base of the creature, based on black wedges, which will hold all her possible equipment.

On both sides, based around small red wedges, the various stations for the gear are then made.

The left hand side holds a fireball shooter, with the new crossbow shaped stud shooter and a crate of ammunition.

The right side has the poisonous snakes she can wield around as well.

As all sets, some extra parts are included.

And the full set completed:

Okay, so those ultimate sets are perhaps not that cheap for a non-franchised range, being basically a minifigure with some parts.  But admit, in her own Lego-esque way, she is a sexy figure...

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