maandag 30 mei 2016

Inspirational Lego # 72

Here we are again, with a selection of cool builds I came across on the internet.

Now, it has been a busy weekend with Brick Mania Liege, and for the blog the coming two days are going to be a lot of typing as I have to "catch up" with all of the backlog from May.

Especially since June is full of holiday trips as well, resulting in me having to reshuffle my 'posting schedule' to the max, but let`s not mind that now and let`s look at some gorgeous eye candy.

But first, let`s start the week with some words of wisdom...

The aliens are coming, and they are wreaking havoc to your lawn!

A very nice Mouse Guard build, I like the way they created the rocks by using plates.

Microscale APC's from the Aliens movie.

This is a very mean looking starfighter

The throne room of a king, the slopes used for the walkers at the front is a nice find.

Every small hamlet has to have it`s fortune sayers house after all...

This sheriff doesn`t feel like figthing off nast alien invaders if you ask me.

The infamous trenchrun from Star Wars A New Hope, wonderfully recreated in microscale.

The final build to share this week is this realistic looking phonograph. 

I hope you liked my little selection once again, and hopefully until next monday for a fresh collection of Lego gems.

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