maandag 30 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6886 Galactic Peace Keeper

In today`s Classic build, we get to see where the shism originated that Blacktron became effectively the bad guys in the Lego Space range.

When the Space Police appeared on the scene near the end of the 80s, it was the black clad spacemen that where being put in the holding cells, as can be seen with this small set of the range.

As such, we get both an officer and a Blacktron bloke in the set.

The base of the rather lovely looking vessel`s holding cell is an inverted blue roofelement, under which feet are placed.

The sides are then build up, including printed side panel elements, and a red glassed window.

Trans-red bars to keep the prisoner locked away reinforce the image of it being bars of energy that prevent the baddie from escaping.

The spaceship itself also starts out around those blue inverted parts, and it will incorporate the detachable build within it`s hull.

The framework is set up for placing the cell, as small wings are added as well as hinge elements to support the sides of the ship.

The control panel gets placed, and under printed police side elements, small cannons are mounted on those little wings, in order that they can `swivel` out when needed.

The front is shaped up, as we attach the large red canopy to the pilot area, completing the vessel.

The fighter looking as the cell is detached, and it`s small guns are inside the hull.

And the full set with the cell attached and the guns deployed:

I really liked this little spacefighter.  The deployable guns, the detachable cell and the sleek lines of the vessel made it a great spaceship to play with as a 12 year old, and I still fondly smile whenever I see the little ship.

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  1. I remember these from when I was young. But as I am a toy soldier collector and painter it stayd by looking! Great review and thanks for sharing!