maandag 2 mei 2016

Inspirational Lego #68

Welcome to another week and a fresh selection of great things I saw on the internet.

Starting this first week of the good weather here in Belgium, what better thing to share first than this awesome Lego build aqua park.

Face it, with all those slides, who wouldn`t want to go to something to that!

Another great build is this big lighttower.  I can`t stop looking at it without thinking "Excalibur" for some geeky reason ;-)

These big birds are really lifelike, and I really love that owl...

A Star Wars microbuild, this depicts a crash scene on Jakku, though this didn`t exactly feature in the film itself, it`s still great looking.

A shabby medieval mill, I love the lush colours of this blending in with the brown and grey of the build.

Here, the discussion of which sort of dog we should get still goes on (me: a bulldog, she: a chihuahua) but this mosaic of a dog is fantastic looking.  Something I might consider building myself in case I win the argument.

Another entry from this year`s Shiptember, this is a fine looking vessel with a cute fighter coming with it.

I`m a fan of the Carribean Clipper, and this extended version is just fantastic looking!

A simple build, I love the technique used for the front of this carriage.

And that`s the selection for this week again, I hope you like the selection and see you again next week!

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