zaterdag 14 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6824 Space Dart I

Today`s classic build is a real vintage space set, hailing back to 1984.

The Space Dart I was a small fighter spaceship from the line, numbering 43 parts and was a small, swooshable, sleek-lookign vessel.

It came with a classic spaceman, in the blue suit of which Benny is a descendant ;-)

The build commences by placing a gray 2x4 on two round black plates.

A whole lot of these "holder" plates are added to be both the undercarriage holders, as to build the topside on.

The wings are double builds as well, as we put the small thrusters at the back.

While the technic pin will hold the nosecone, we add the large thruster to the back of the pilot chair.

Detailing is added while the nosecone gets attached to the front.  It`s long style of an angled position is what creates the dart-like appearance of the vessel.

And the final build stands completed.

Back then, this was actually the first Lego set I had multiples off, being the faith of birthdays and such, and they formed my small fleet of defenders against invaders (which I think must have been knights of such in those days lol).

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