maandag 16 mei 2016

Inspirational Lego # 70

Another week has begun, and with a bank holiday, it was a nice long weekend.

One I`m still recuperating from actually, but before I`m going to take a beauty nap, let me share some great builds I came across again on the internet.

The village of Lapidis is a great looking mediterrean style village, which to me really looks like the greek or spanish coastal settlements of those times.

Sky-Fi (also known as Aeronef) remains a nice looking niche section in the AFOL building community, albeit one of the smaller ones.  Never the less, you often pass by some truly magnificent airplanes, like this one.

Another medieval build, this castle wall `cut out` has nice detailing, and I love that wooden bridge section at the front.

A really awesome looking starfighter is the next thing I`d like to show.

You don`t need a huge collection of Lego elements to make a great build, as this micro sailing ship proves.

A fantastic looking Xenomorph, those nasty beasties from Aliens.

Perhaps you can try to catch and train one to give yellow rodents a run for their money?

While the Train Your Dragon license might be with another company, this never the less is a great moc from the popular animation film franchise.

This vineyard just cries out Italy on a summery spring day...

The final build is this mecha one, though it does look like a robotic dominatrix with that electro whip

Another hopefully great selection, and until next week!

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