maandag 30 mei 2016

Searching for Gold

One of the random factors in Brethren of the Brick Seas is mining.

A player sets up a prospecting build, then after a month he will learn what he has actually found, ranging from saltpeter to gold, and can build the actual mine for doubloons.

The prospecting knocks you back a measly 25 dbs, so in between all the ships I have been licensing for the Junkyard Fleet of Quinnsville, I have found the time for this little build and set up.

So here is my vignette showing the brave citizens of Quinnsville looking for the minerals that might be found in the ground of Cocovia.

Okay men, dig here.  This very reliable map that mad sailor sold us tells us there is gold to be found here.  I`m certain it is, because he told me that he got it from a blind writer, who got it from his jailed in-law, who got it from a reliable looking shaggy man that found it in a temple located on an island that shows up on no map.  So put some sweat into it, this is going to be the real deal!

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