donderdag 19 mei 2016

To boldly go...

Captain`s Log, Stardate 93984.17

After years of refitting and debriefing considering our involvement in the Reman uprising and the Borg incursion, the Lune class explorer USS Procyon has been cleared for duty again.  Equipped with the Borg upgrades and the Reman hull protection, we are once more ready to journey into the unknown and discover strange, new worlds.

Well, it has been 3.5 years since I played Star Trek Online, due to different circumstances.  

The first one was time, which i didn`t have to make a subscription worth it anymore.  Then the Atari to Cryptic transfer came, and there was a lot of booh-booh`s on how the accounts merged, so I just put it behind me and stopped playing.

But earlier this week, I was reading up unto it, and a little comment stroke my intrest, going along the lines of `remember the merge years ago, luckily that`s all solved`.  So I immediatly reinstalled and indeed, my account was there just as I left it.

But the game has expanded a lot since then, apart from new storylines I`m slowly playing through now.  You now also have `admirality` missions, in which your stored vessels have actually something to do.  Bit like duty officers, but with ships and the bigger the vessel, the longer the cooldown (maintenance) afterwards.  I kinda think it a shame I actually discharged all my old "past levels" vessels now lol.

There is also some expanding on mission storylines, like the Klingon war you started out with all those years ago.  Now it has a higher level mission, which puts you forward in time to restore a time in the past, and yes, it involves Enterprise C.

The cool thing is, at the end you receive a free Ambassador class vessel, and while it might be to low levelled like it is for me, you can now send it on missions with the admiral system.

The only pity I still think, is that enemies scale to your characters level, and not your ships Tier.  I pulled out my beloved light cruiser, the Oberth, but it`s nigh on impossible to do solo missions with it.  But I`ll be using it in pick up fleet missions once I figured that reworked system after the storylines :-)

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