donderdag 19 mei 2016

Star Trek Dark Armada

If there is one of the things you tend to come around easier in Trek then in Wars or in Gate, then it is low buget love projects like this.

Star Trek Dark Armada is a dutch / belgian series of currently 7 episodes (of various lenghts, going between 2 to 30 minutes).  You can watch them all HERE on their website.


The crew of the Nova class vessel USS Batavia start to slowly uncover an alien menace planning on invading Federation space.  This accumulates to a battle at the Starbase, after the Batavia had to overcome acts of sabotage.


Well, I don`t think you can actually say something bad about any sort of low budget fan productions.  These series, on the contrary to those with a real (smaller) studio behind them or some actors behind it, are works of love.  Some fans get together with a cgi screen and a handheld camera and make a movie in a day, so to speak, and that is to be commended no matter how it looks.

Dark Armada is really okay from that department, like the short story of a firefight with Stormtroopers on the Elf Fantasy Fair.  It has some nice decors and cgi generated vessels, and perhaps the only drawback is the "nederlish" they speak.  With some of the fans it`s a really heavy accent, for example in one episode they arrive in a dark transporter room and the female officer suggests they should get some flEshlights... yeah google it and snigger on that one.

But it was fun to watch, and as I said, I keep admiring people who do these kind of things!

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