donderdag 12 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6750 Sonic Robot

Today we have another space set from the Light and Sound subtheme, the mecha-like machine.

So that is then the third and final of the `pew pew pew` sets for Space that I`ll be doing a report on.

With this set, the actual battery box is the core of the whole robot, so we start out by adding some pieces to this.

The central torso light is attached, as the sides are bulked out a bid using slopes, and we install the sound element on it as well.

The shoulders for the robot are then created, on which the trans-yellow tubes really stand out.

The arms itself are made with the connecting flexible parts that where present everywhere back in those days.

The underside rests on skids instead of actual feet, and this is then connected to the body.  The arrows are to indicate where small flyers will be placed later on.

The robot head is build around a computer decorated slope.

The set also comes with two classic spacemen, a red and a blue one respectivelly.

They man two small flyer craft that are placed on the footplate of the machine.

And the full set stands completed:

While the machine looks a bit like "cult robots" from sci-fi in that era, for me the looks never really pulled it off, being the weakest design of the three space Light and Sound sets if you ask me.

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