woensdag 18 mei 2016

The Arrival of the X-Wings

For me, the most impressive moment of The Force Awakens was when the Resistance arrived to help our heroes against the First Order, their X-Wings zooming close over the water, throwing up some serious spray.

A small vignette I`ve build for Mechelen Speelstad the coming weekend, this is a moc with a couple of firsts for me.

You see, not only is it my first ever effort to use "forced perspective", it`s also my very first Star Wars moc I actually ever build.  I`m more of a Trekkie you see, so yeah, with that license being at Mega Bloks I doubt we`ll be seeing sets of those soon.  Well, at Lego at least, I`m definitly shopping the MBs when they come out this fall.

The fighters used in this build are on the one hand a small set we received at the  Happy Reunion 2016 event end of january this year, while the other is the one that came with the Star Wars magazine, though it did get a heap of modification.  Grilles on the wings, cannons and wings turned otherwise, those kind of small things to make them look as two fighters from the same bread.

All in all, if seen from the side the forced perspective worked out okay for a first time, and I`m quite happy about the size of the spray as to not become to dominating in the build.

I hope you liked it, and see you around!

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