woensdag 4 mei 2016

Lego Build: 75074 Snowspeeder

Let me start by wishing all my Star Wars-sy friends a happy May the Fourth Be With You today, and what could be more fitting then to make a build report from a Star Wars set.

And for this event, I chose the Microfighters Snowspeeder.  Because I personally like Snowspeeders the most of all the Rebel vessels, and I already did his bigger variant last year.

The popular Microfighters series contains a vessel in "chibi" style, and comes with a minifigure, making them good sets for the little money they cost.  And some are getting ever more popular these days, like the Falcon.

This set comes with a rebel pilot for the Snowspeeder in his typical orange suitand toting a blaster.

The build is all based around a 2x6 plate, more then big enough for the little vessel.

On this, connectors are added to accomodate the angled wings.

White wedges create the pointed front of the humble fighter.

Now this is cool, as it`s actually printed, compared to the larger version which uses the dreaded stickers.

As the printed slope is added, we add some detailing and we can clearly see the resemblance with a typical snowspeeder.

The wings are based around larger white wedges, and even have flick missiles at the bottom.

We mirror this build for the other side.

The wings are then connected to the bodywork to recreate the distinctive sloped style by means of the clicking connectors.

Next up are the large blasters that go onto the wing sections to attack those Microfighter AT-AT`s that roam your chibi-esque Hoth.

And the build stands completed:

It actually has a nice selection of extra parts:

I really loved building this little fella.  Not only is it one of the few Star Wars ships I actually like the looks off, the Chibi style makes it really cute, and it had a very intresting build for such a small little thing.

Well, that`s it from this "Middle Earther" to my buddies in a galaxy far, far away... but I just can`t leave without this...

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