maandag 9 mei 2016

Inpsirational Lego # 69

While I haven`t had much time to ranble and post about my Lego passion the past weeks, I am not going to cause withdrawal from looking at gorgeous builds on mondays.

But with 3 G-soccer tournaments, a club meeting, board meetings, a Brick Mania, family festivities and then some more during May, my schedule is cramped to the fullest so it`s been quiet around here :-)

Starting this week, we have a look at a fantastic pirate island build.  The walkways, the water, the rockwork, what is not to be adored with that build.

The next build is a scene from the Return of the Jedi, where the imperial shuttle of Vader is ready to bring Luke up to the second Death Star to face the Emperor.

Even though brave knights fight the needed wars, it always feels good to return to the place they call home.

Jo`s is a nice little bar, as can often be found in the side alleys of large cities to enjoy a rest and a drink.

The grim and dark look, together with the bubbling swamp, make this a really delightfull and eerie build.

Next up is this very nice microscale spaceship, I like the inclusion of parts like the handcuffs into it.

Modern day pirates meet the local inhabitants.  The zodiac boat is nicely done, and I love the flag on top of the clip.

A very nice build, this could have come straight out of the Architecture range.

Always be careful when walking graveyards at night, you never know what could be lurking in the shadows.

Talking about lurking, this build is just creepy as hell...

And that`s the selection again for this week, I hope you liked the pickings, and until next week!

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