woensdag 25 mei 2016

Stargate Atlantis BC-304 Daedalus

Based on the instructions of a clone brand called Best Lock, I counted out what I needed in "real" LEGO bricks and went on to build this iconic vessel from the Stargate franchise.

The model is just under 40 studs long, meaning it`s a good size for both transportation and for looking `the real deal` on a detail level, without going to overdetailed.

I always liked the look of the vessel, the first of 4 BC-304 cruisers that the Tau'Ri (aka, humanity) build along her sisterships Korolev, Apollo and Odyssey.

Being a battle carrier, the pods at her side are launch bays for the F-302 fighter, and the vessel incorporated Asgardian technology (and a technician in the beginning) for at first a stardrive, and later on plasma beams as well.

Hope you like it!

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