zondag 15 mei 2016

The Haul Report # 29: the first garage sale

May overhere is traditionally the month of the garage sales and flea markets, and last sunday I managed to grab the first one of the year.

Right around the corner, houses opened up their garage boxes in an effort to clear out some excess stuff, and I went for a stroll.

And boy, was it a good one.  Perhaps the best thing I found was this lot of Harry Potter.  I got the trivial pusruit for 2 euro at one adress, and at another for 50 cents.  I hoped to get one complete out of it, but it turned out both where totally complete.  Both puzzles I paid 50 cents each for, so that`s pretty nice as well.

I also got these two Lego Star Wars games at a euro each, not for trading but because the Smurf wanted them to play on the PS2.  He`s really been sold on the Star Wars thing since he saw the movies...

Other finds where the Narnia television series box for 2 euro, and the Metal Gear Solid game for a single euro, the latter should be easily tradeable at around 5 euro in worth.  Popular franchise, upcoming collector market... the works.

I also made a booh-booh, I thought these where the collector cards of Ninjago, but it are all packs with the same Kai card, which I quickly found out after opening the first four or so.  Oh well, win some, loose some, and in the end it`s Lego related so they will be tradeable somewhere sometime.

On a more positive Lego find, my padawan (also known as "mum") had passed over another fleamarket the day before and found this for a euro.  It lacks the instructions, but the set itself is complete never the less.  That will be a nice little build report and then sorting out for the parts :-)

Amazon delivered a nice little haul as well.  Two boxes of Elza`s castle, who where at discount coming including shipping to 27 euro each.

Not a real Lego catch, but handy none the less, a festival market yielded these to try and read part numbers. One euro for the set, always handy...

On the cheap, I found this on eBay for 1.86 euro and little shipping, and the second one came to 0.74 euro and two stamps. Sometimes, it pays off to sniff around evilbay, as most prices there are inflated but little gems still lurk between them.

Like this lot, which I found on ebay belgium. Three used, complete sets and the seller had tossed in an additional bear to represent the transformed Beorn, for slightly under their new price when they came out.  Considering the rate the figures in particular are rising, I essentially paid for those and got all the bricks for free tossed in.

The final haul was a Brick Link order.  I saw this printed one ring tile on the Lord of the Rings Lego boardgame, and they will be fantastic to use on my future display bases, so I ordered 38 of them from Australia.

And that was it for this weeks Haul report, quite a large one actually, as it has been a good week :-)

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