donderdag 26 mei 2016

Mega Bloks Build Report: 10703 Lazy Smurf

No, I`m not a purist.  I can appreciate some other brands as well as my beloved LEGO, and of those, Mega Bloks isn`t that bad at all.

And face it, they got some mighty fine licenses in their range, like HALO, or the upcoming Star Trek TOS series.

One of their older licenses where the Smurfs, and when the kid saw the Lego moc of the Smurf village that was in the States last year, he wanted a smurf minifigure.  I had this set lying sealed in a closet somewhere, so he could have the little fella... after I`d build the small set first ;-)

The set, containing a modest 18 pieces, is made from a single bag of parts and an instruction leaflet.

The smurf figure is actually well done, including the droopy eyes of Lazy Smurf.

The set itself is based on a studded green plate.

A hammock is hung up between two small tree trunks.

Some insects are present to "close" the tree trunks up at the top.

Next, we build some flowers and some mushrooms, and place those on the plate as well.

And the final set completed:

Yes, this was a fast and simple build, but I must admit, I love the figure included.  And so does the kid...

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