zondag 8 mei 2016

The Haul Report # 28: The one with all those books

Well, this week`s haul report is dominated by books, books and more books... and a few other pieces.

This has to do with past friday, when I closed my stack for this post, I returned with Chu from Boekenfestijn where we both found a nice selection of reading material for not much money at all.

The first things I grabbed there, upon entering, was a picture book of the first Hobbit movie, as well as the The Making of Middle Earth, which goes about how the movies where created.

In the sci-fi department, I found The Winds of Dune, one of the expanded novels I haven`t read yet and which deals with the Muad`hib's daughter taking the rules.  I also found an expanded novel from the Clone Wars series from Star Wars and the final instalment of the The Hitchhiker`s series.

In the "historically based" department, I grabbed the full series of Tim Severin`s Pirate tale.  I loved his Vikings series (heck, I even called my Lego viking ship moc  Thorgills back in the days) so I`m pretty sure I`m going to relax and enjoy these as well.

Talking pirates, I got the Michael Crighton Pirates book as well, another book by Alexander Kent (of Bolitho fame), more naval adventure with The Admiral`s Game and finally The Horns of the Buffalo, which is perhaps better known under his movie title "Zulu".

I also picked up a stack of Lego books, english hardcovers so that was a great find as well.

In the end, you also received a free book, not a fantastic selection, but this Tomorrowland 2013 picture book at least is something nice to flick through.

In the beginning of the week, I received a Lego store order as well.  Part of it was for a friend, while I got a small Jurassic set for myself and another Mr Freeze polybag.

The last haul was pretty nice.  In the local auction house, I managed to win three Babylon 5 sealed boardgame expansions.  The lot also came with two ancient videogames, but those are something I`ll probably give to some collector left or right from my "contacts" list.

Well, pretty spectacular stack of books, some Lego and a nice trade token with the B5 games... this was a good week!

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  1. Nice haul indeed Tom! I will be looking around for that John Wilcox book! That's the most interesting one for me!