maandag 9 mei 2016

The Cod Hunter

One of the things that tend to happen (often) in Brethren of the Brick Seas, is that ships are captured and change hands, both from players and from NPC's.

As a result, the Empire of Corrington has a whole warfleet in drydock, waiting to be moc'ced up, and I took it to myself to build one of the smaller ones we have lying around, a class 2A, the Cod Hunter.

Normally, she will be assigned to the defences of my settlement of Quinnsville, as a small harbor defence and I`ll be playing her that way in the monthly MCRA`s as well.

I wanted her to look `un Corrington` in colours and all, as she was a captured armed sloop, and recrewed her with Corrington sailors and marines while retaining a piratey sail for her.

Of course, the flag of the Empire flies from her stern as well.

And the Cod Hunter, the breaststatue of the ship, depicting, well, the Cod Hunter.

A look at one of her four small 4 pounder, brick build cannons.

I hope you like the little boat!

Yes, I had to cheat to get the sail placed so far forward, with a whole Technic construction to support it *cough*

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