zondag 22 mei 2016

The Haul Report # 30

Hey all, here we are again with the finds I did for my collection this week, and some good stuff was in it.

Starting with the great CMF series of Disney figures, a highly anticipated series and at the moment not easily found in the stores due to the popularity of the first boxes.

I`ll do an unboxing later in the week, but I got some other posts that need more immediate attention first ;-)

I also received some small BrickLink orders, for two projects I`m working on and which hopefully will be finished for StarCom in July.  Don`t mind the snowtrooper, he was just there to get the minimum order value on one of them, and will end up on my trade pile.

Talking rare minifigures, my order from the Lego store arrived as well, containing the German soccerplayers.  The Wookie Microfighter is something I bought so the kid could have his Chewbacca, after I put it together and recycled the bricks hehehe.

I did a fine trade as well this week with one of my more regular trading partners.  I`ve send him the Silver Mine Shoot out from the The Lone Ranger range, in exchange for these two The Hobbit boxes.

Another trade I did was a used Ant-man set for the Rey Speeder in box.  I don`t mind if the value at current is not really equal, as it is purely for the dark red parts anyways and those figures will go into the trade box as well.

I also received a set of Star Wars trading cards from the States, and the seller was so generous to include a whole heap of other series promotional trading cards with it.

The final item is another polybag which I received at a get together, and opening it it contained Syndrome.

A very good week for sure, and some nice tings both for myself and for further exchanges.  Until next week, though it will be a few days later as I`m at Brick Mania Liege that weekend.

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