dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Star Trek Cardassian Galor

There is just something about those Cardassians that you have to love.  And I`m not talking only about Marc Alaimo`s totally STELLAR performance as Gul Dukat in Deep Space Nine.

It`s their way of not realising they aren`t the big bad guys anymore.  That they are a glory of a past age, that has been caught up and surpassed, yet they keep grasping at glory.

The Cardassians are like a rejected lovechild of the Klingon Empire and the Romulans, a war like race ran by a secret oraganisation in the Obsidian Order.  They had a big nasty war with the Federation, but lost, and when the Bajoran Occupation was ended, and the borders redrawn leading to the Maquis resistance, their power dwindled even more.

They tried once more to become the leading military force by allying themselves with the Dominion, but this turned out sour for them, resulting in the occupation and ravaging of their homeworld Cardassia Prime, until in the final hours of the Dominion War they switched allegiance to the "quadrant alliance" and turning the tide of battle, gaining their moment of glory.

The mainstay vessel of the Cardassian military is the Galor class cruiser.  While it was on par with the vessel of the Federation during their war, they didn`t evolve at a rate the Federation starships did, and when the Enterprise D met one it was clear the manta ray shaped vessels where no match for the flagship of the Federation.

I found a picture of one of them build on the internet in a relative small scale, and decided to build one myself going from there, and the resource material plenty available due to their appearances in DS9.  It turned out more then okay, but it was migthy expensive for a 50 piece ship.  One of the small wedges needed only had appeared in an old Snowspeeder set, making them go on BrickLink at about 6 to 8 euro a piece.  Luckily the other side had appeared in the New York Skyline set, so those where cheap to get...

Now to start planning a couple of Federation vessels...

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