dinsdag 10 mei 2016

Eurosong Festival 2016 my personal preview

Tonight it`s that special time of the year again, as the first semi-final of the Eurosong Festival 2016 in Stockholm kicks off.

Tuesday, thursday (yeah, that`ll be a board meeting I`ll have my speech mute on ;-) ) and saturday, the highlight of the year takes off again.

And like every year, every one has his favorites, mine personally being (and not biased on this) Nicky Byrne for Ireland, with Sunlight.  Could it be it`s going to go to Dublin for a 9th time now that the record is getting in danger of being broken?  I definitly hope so...

Other countries entries I enjoyed are Estonia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Hungary, Israel, FYR Macedonia, France and Austria.

But like every preview, a favorite needs to be chosen, and I think the 2017 might be going to Moskou...

... though from all the entries, ironically the one NOT from Europe stands for me, as a bit of an expert on the matter in my circle of friends, but I doubt we`ll be moving to Adelaide next year...

And Belgium?  I estimate we`ll get through our semi-final, and end up around the 7th place in the final result saturday night

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