zaterdag 21 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6049 Viking Voyager

Today, you can expect a bit of a bombardment of posts on my little corner of the internet, as I`m going to try and catch up on the build reports from the past 3 weeks.  Otherwise, it`s all going to get just a bit to jumbled up on my end ;-)

Long before the Viking range appeared from Lego, they already had this little ship from the Lion Knights subtheme of Castle.  Hailing from 1987, the Viking Voyager was a small drakkar looking vessel with a nice amount of minifigures.

No less then 5 troops came in this 80 odd pieces set, making it a battle pack avant la lettre.

The ship hull itself is based on a long red plate, with inverted slopes at the end.

This is first closed up, and then expanded 1 stud in each direction to give it a bulkier look.

The whole top end gets covered in black plates and wedges to smooth out the surface.

A brickbuild dragon head is put at the front, while white flexible tubeings go to the rear end of the ship.

This tubing is the covering for the treasure chest.  Now with gold being still two years in the future when the pirate series came out, these are yellow to represent gold elements.

Flags and shields are added to decorate the ship.

And the vessel stands completed.  Like with the jewelry, it would be two more years before paddles came out, again with the, in hindsight, very revolutionary Pirate line, so the brave souls row along the river using spears to represent paddling.

It`s a nice little vessel, and if I knew back then how much I would remain into Lego, I would have nagged parents and grandparents for fleets of this ship, and get an amry of soldiers at the same time...

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