donderdag 5 mei 2016

Miller's Collecting Sci-Fi and Fantasy - Phil Ellis

For some reason, friends of mine always turn their heads my way if they want to sell off collections and pieces, like I`m some kind of guru of toys.

Which I ain`t by a longshot, I ain`t even a trader, reseller, or whatever, but I do tend to visit fleamarkets and such on the look-out, because often a good geeky item can be exchanged for Lego these days.

Heck, I even had trading partners run to local toystores to get some sort of Lego set in order to exchange it for this or that Power Ranger or Transformer over the past years...

Now, this book, which I acquired past december (ironically, on a bargain price lol), is one of many pieces of "study material" I have in my collection on the topic of toys and values of collectibles.  This has always been an area of intrest of mine, and while prices these days seem to have gone through the roof due to shows like Toy Hunter, a lot of people tend to forget those are all about Mint, preferably packaged items and not the incomplete sort of stuff you tend to find at stalls.

So I have whole series of books, priceguides, websites (no, not Amazon or eBay where people think they`ll hit the jackpot), price charts, e-books, YouTube channels etc on the matter to have a good idea of just how much something should cost me, or else pass it over and have someone else grab it.  If they think they can make a profit of them, good luck, but more then once I have been smiling to see that specific item turn up on all kinds of FB groups or local advertisements because people don`t even offer near what they think they could get.

This book is another great addition to that library because not only does it handle toys, it also touches on related topics for the Geekyverse, like trading cards, comics, movies, replica`s etc etc...

It also gives honest prices (in pounds and in dollars) for the featured items, and you can often see that is a whole lot less then what peeps tend to think something is worth.  But in this more and more greedy society, I have seem people find a classic book for 20 eurocent, yet aren`t happy if they can flip that for 3 - 4 euro, but aiming for at least 10 and then wonder why they don`t get rid of it...

At least with books like this, I know that if I find such a book for 20 cents, I can in all good faith trade it for a small common polybag and add those elements to my collection :-)

Yup, it`s recommended, grab this book if you come along it, if only to realise toys are "hot", but it ain`t the goldmine some think it is!

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