vrijdag 13 mei 2016

Work in Progress: a whole lot of franchise stuff...

Well, I have put my builds for my Pirate village to the side for a while, as the Con Season is swiftly approaching, so that means I am building some things aimed for that "audience".

So apart from the Expelliarmus! moc I finished last week, I`m doing some other stuffsies from a variety of series.

The first build I did some more work on is the display I`m building around the classic Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone sets.  I have been doing the framework and the decorative pillars so far, where the second floor will be resting on.

This is going to be a heck of a job to get ready before the first weekend of july, but I`ll hope to pull it off.

I also have been planning some spaceships, and am currently sourcing together my parts.  Normally, that should be ready by the end of May, so no stress here.

The final build, a vignette, is a bit of a first for me on some levels.  I`ll be using forced perspective (or trying to at least), and it`ll actually be the very first Star Wars moc I ever build.  It is actually ready in the meantime, but I didn`t take decent pictures of the build yet, so that will be presented next week.

The second one  from Star Wars has started, but I doubt that will be ready in time for the july conventions, so that one is planned for the autumn ones instead.

Until the next update!

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