donderdag 26 mei 2016

Unboxing my Lego Disney minifigures

Two weeks ago, my local "source" called me to tell the good news they had received a box for me, so I went to pick it up and sort out the Disney series.

Now, I always purchase a CMF series box IF they get one, and while I only wanted a few figures of the line, never the less they are rather pretty.

The one figure I really, really wanted was a Cheshire Cat... and opening the very first polybag...

The full collection from the box.  As usual, that meant 3 full series, of which I had promised two to fellow LUG members.  Screw inflated prices you see the scalpers go for on Facebook and the likes, I rather sell them at purchase price to people I know.

The full amount of figures I wanted for myself... yep, only 5, for future use in some builds.

And that left me with these to trade around, some have already gone to bolster my ranks of Mordor Orcs :-)

While a series I actually didn`t have that great an intrest in for the figures as such (compared to the upcoming series 16, I think there are 3 figs in it I DON`T want in multitudes...), I do admit it was a very lovely themed series, and definitly cooler looking then the Simpsons ones from the past two years in my opinion.

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