dinsdag 31 mei 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6876 Alienator

Yesterday we had the Space Police, so today I`ve put together their evil counterparts with the Blacktron Alienator.

These black clad spacemen do predate the police by a year, being released in 1988, so they could do a whole year of mischieve and mayhem before the law interfered in the world of Futuron :-)

The small set comes with a single Blacktron pilot to move the walker across alien landscapes.

Based on a large black plate, a technic brick is added to serve as a way to connect the pilot seat, that doubles as a small flyers.

We build this little plane first, a sort of glider / speeder bike like vehicle.

Black wedges and rotating plates are the beginning of the legs for the main body of the machine.

These are build up with more swivelling plates, to create a construction that makes the legs "shuffle" as the machine moves.

Printed Blacktron wall corners are then included to make the cover of the backbody.  This can open using hinges and protects the tools the pilot carries with him.

Details are then added to the build, and the set is ready to be connected together as the back section is then fininshed.

The full set stands completed

The Blacktron range did have some excellent sets, and the black colour helped making them look all sinister and evil.  Although this wasn`t their intended role at first. Legend says they where deep space miners, but the dark scheme made them all evil guys in children hands, and the new M-Tron took on their role a few years later.

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