vrijdag 27 mei 2016

The Haul Report #31

Well, it`s half an hour to go before I leave for Brick Mania Liege, so I am putting down this weeks hauls.

After all, I close the tally always on fridays, and since I won`t be shopping anyways apart from perhaps at the event, I might as well do it now and free some space in my timeschedule to do it monday.

It started with a good find by my mum at a flea market this week.  A couple of Friends sets at 2 euro each, and a Belleville incomplete one (it was missing the doll, oh no lol) for a euro.  Great value for the small sets and some nice amounts of additional bricks.

I also received the final pieces from BrickLink to finish the Daedalus I showed earlier this week, and another build that will be going up in the coming one.

The Star Wars figure was well, a cheap one to get to the minimum required purchase at one of the sellers.

Amazon delivered my newest Lego movie, Scooby Doo, which comes with a limited polybag like all those movies do.

Now this is something cool, a poster of the Lord of the Rings video game, which I found through a mate in the States. 

The last haul was this full Shell range and some boxes of City.  None are my cup of tea to build with, but as I paid only 25 euro for the lot, FAR under value for them, they might prove to be very handy trading tokens.

So another decent week, as I got quite a lot of bricks, received the parts to finish two MOC`s, got something to watch in between while staring at an exclusive poster, and ended up with some good sets and polybags for trading. 

Bit of everything, and all very nice stuffsies!

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