zondag 1 oktober 2017

The Haul Report 101

Hello everyone to another week of hauls for the hobby and collections, and it is, in essence, a nicely varied and yet modest heap this week.

Though for the moment, one more parcel is underway to me, and after that I`m quitting buying figures until Crisis in november, and get a bunch of them painted...

... yeah right, we`ll see how well that will go xD

The first parcel that arrived this week was from Wayland Games, and contained my Irish cavalry blister, whom will be painted up rather soon.  They will have to serve in my Dux army from time to time, so I have to get them ready.  It also contained an additional box of Dark Age warriors, which will allow me to make a further 5 units of 8 strong for both Dux and SAGA, and giving me a huge pool to choose from in the future.

The second box that arrived, also past monday, was from eBay seller The Troll Trader.  I picked out some 40k Slaanesh suited models to bolster my Emperor`s Children`s ranks.
These are an additional squad or marines (and a metal lascannon guy to give them that option in the squad) and a Hellbrute geared for ranged combat.

A nice little heap of figures, and that will be some more models on the painting line as such :-D

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