donderdag 7 april 2016

28 Days Later

Forget the Walking Dead.  THIS british post-apocalyptic movie from 2002 is what is credited with the revival of the zombie genre.

Made by Danny Boyle, it focusses on the struggle of four survivors in a plague infected Great Britain... so yeah, we know that story now don`t we...


When a bunch of animal rights activists break into a lab, they unleash a highly contagious and lethal virus by setting free one of the chimpansees present.

In London, 28 days later, a bicycle courier called Jim awakens in hospital in a deserted metropolis, without any knowledge of what has happened.  He is soon set upon by an infected, but rescued by two others.  When one of them turns, he learns about the workings of the disease, and as they hook up with a few other survivors set out to Manchester, where resistance seems to be offered to the infected.

Though the "cure" is not what they hoped for, for it involves starving out the infected on the one hand, and force all female survivors into sexual slavery to repopulate the world...


Seems familiar?  Yup, certainly does... so you can see where the immensely popular Walking Dead comes from.

Though not "related" to each other, one can draw lines and even think the whole affair is happening at the same time.

It`s a good movie, and gives a good possible idea of the societal collapse following an apocalyptic disease outbreak.  Add to this some grim future views and it all becomes believable actually, due to the lower budget of a general british film.  But still zombie flicks aren`t really my thing though...

And make sure to watch the alternate endings on the DVD, they differ completely every time...

Rating: 6 / 10

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