vrijdag 8 april 2016

Lego Build: 41073 Naida's Epic Adventure Ships

In today`s build report I`m taking a look at a very lovely little sailing ship, from what is for me THE most intresting range personally in the Lego assortment.

Yes, I love Elves for their parts, colours, and as an AFOL and MOC builder, they just are a great selection of source material for fantasy builds.  And not being a licensed series, makes them more then okay on the price as well...

Opening the box we get the instruction booklet, 3 bags of parts and that WONDERFULL sail.

The first minifigure we come across is Naida, the Water Elf.  She also carries on of the printed map tiles, which I like a lot, and she has a great hairpiece.

The first build of the set is a small accessory that comes with the set, a clamshell that holds the mystical key they are trying to retrieve.

This is based on a light blue round plate, upon which some small underwater vegetation is added and a small rock for the shell to rest on.

This clam is held together with a small rubber element, packing a nice `snap close` action to it.  Well, actually it can`t even remain open by itself...

We then commence work on the ship itself.  As you`ll see from the box, this is a small and elegant one masted sailing ship.   It all starts with a simple tan 2x6 with black bricks with studs on the side added to it.

This is then lenghtened to give the ship the pointed look.

At the wider back end, a sticker doubles as a window to watch the see bottom as it glides over the water.

The whole base it then rounded out with brown bricks and we get a good idea of the overal form of the vessel, as transparent round parts are added to the bottom to rest on.

Details are added like golden clamlike `wings` on the sides.  It`s a pity those are stickers as well though, that would otherwise have been great printed elements to decorate some moc`s.

Aira the Wind Elf is also present, and her powers actually make the wind blow strong so the ship sails smoothly.

The front of the ship is then build up, using dark blue elements to create the curved line at it`s point.

Golden and light blue slopes then make up the details of this nose.

Going on, we then build up the back a bit to have it enough height.  This way, the turning mechanism for the mast can be places and you can swivel this mast around to have it catch more wind if needed.

The captain`s cabin is the section that will be tackled next., using curved arches to nicely enclose the `doorway`.

It also comes with a fully installed kitchen...

The top deck has railings to prevent your little elf from falling off.

The diving board at the back is iluminated, with the plant elements now coming in gold, great part!

On the sides, golden wings are added to give the ship an even prettier general line.

The excellent elemental tile, this time printed with the water symbol, then goes on the front of the boat.

The mast is the final section we need to tackle.  Using the rather current system of technic connectors and bars, this one comes with an angle in it, to accomodate the triangular sail.

And what a gorgeous sail that is...

And the full set completed:

It also had the usual number of additional pieces:

And here the little boat took it`s place on my shelf between some of the `slightly bigger` sailing ships ;-)

Be sure to check my rumblings on this set as well, as I made a short accompanying video on YouTube, and until next time!

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