vrijdag 22 april 2016

Lego Build: 30397 Olaf's Summertime Fun

Today`s build is the promotional polybag that you got from the Lego Store here in Belgium past january.

The favorite character from the immensely popular Disney movie Frozen, your loveable snowman is going out on a bit of summertime fun.

A snowman on a tropical beach... that sounds like a good idea...

Opening the bag we get a pile of parts and the small instructions leaflet.

Olaf himself is brickbuild, but also has a unique mold for a head, in which an orange 'horn' is placed to serve as the carrot nose.

The first thing we are building is the beach itself.  This is based on a medium azure plate, with a sandy corner and some watery effects by using trans-clear studs.

The beach corner is where the palmtree will be placed, and this is build up using brown arches and not the old connecting palm tree pieces for the trunk.

The second part of the build is the floating band for Olaf.  Based on a round yellow plate, this has a tile in the centre for placing Olaf onto, and a small antlered head at the front.

The third piece of this set is the radio.  A simple yet effective build, it also comes with a bit of shading for our hero to rest under.

And the full set completed:

Together with some additional pieces:

I really liked this promotional set.  You have a favorite character, some nice little builds (love the radio) and it all fits together rather nicely.  Certainly one of the better promotionals Lego has handed out the past few months in my opinion!

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