maandag 4 april 2016

Inspirational Lego #64

Another week, and the final monday before Brick Mania Wetteren, the first of our club`s events for 2016 yaaaaay.

Not that this is `an sich` important for this week`s selection, but it is just a way of saying that next weeks episodes of Haul and Inspirational will be pushed back a few days, as I`ll be unpacking and doing the event pictures first...

Starting this week`s selection is this excellent build of the Never Never Land ride in Disneyland, with the waterway and all.

Attack From Above, from the Guilds of Historica stories on Eurobricks, shows the excellent use of flying carpets.

Next, we have this fantastic looking `blue coat` sailing ship.

This little spaceship is rather nifty done, just look at the reflection of the underside of the vessel!

A small storefront is the next build I came along on the internet, and it has this very cosy city feel drooping all over it.

Passing by the sentries, these orcs are underway to cause much mischief and mayhem.

This really big mech looks like it has ran away from films like Pacific Rim and likewise anime`s, toting the bid gattling gun et all.

A microscale airport is the next build to be shared.  I might not be to fond of the short wings, but it has great appeal none the less.

This transforming Transformer build of Hound by one of my personally favorite builders is another great piece of work!

Finally, we end this week with this truly classic car build, catching the original in a very good, yet still minifig sized, way.

And that is it again for this week, I`ll be back with fresh eyecandy next tuesday then, see y`all laters!

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