zondag 24 april 2016

The Haul Report # 26

Another week of obtaining small expansions to my Lego collection, though I must say I once again did some nice `spending controle` hehe.

Well, sort of then perhaps, as I`ll start off with something I finally needed...

I got a frame big enough at last from IKEA to hang up the poster Hans gave me a few weeks ago from The Hobbit, so it now proudly adorns the living room.

Apart from that, I did get some small BrickLink orders in.  The first was one which was aimed at the old green dragon tail, so that I can complete those I still have lying around.  And I ordered some bricks along with it to get to the required purchase minimum.

The second BL order was the very final `yellow skin` Harry Potter minifigure I needed to complete my MOC, which I duly did this week, and will be upping it today or tomorrow.

I also got some small sets for my trade boxes.  The first was a Ninjago polybag, which I got of eBay for 0.95 euro, bargain.

The other was actually the GF`s find, as in a supermarket there was a -50% sale on them.  She got two of them, but kept one for herself for the beasties in it, but at 5 euro this still is a nice trade token for the collection...

Well, those are the grabbings for this week, until next time!

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