zondag 24 april 2016


Based on the second movie of the Harry Potter franchise, I just wanted to build a MOC for the duelling club.

Contrary to the mainstream, Professor Lockhart was always one of the characters I liked more in the films and especcially the books (shame they didn`t bring him back in the later movies), and of all the movies the second one remains the one I like the most.

So I went out to build the duelling club scene where Snape and Gilderoy face off, and the Defense against Dark Arts teacher is quickly disarmed by the Potions master. 

I wanted the scene to represent the blast from Snape`s wand, disarming Gilderoy rather forcefully, while the students from Slitherin and Gryffindor watched.  I opted for the older `yellow skin` on the minifigures (okay, bar Snape, he is the glow in the dark version).

I also tried to make the rug on the table look a bit like the crescent patterned one on the table in the movies.

I`m rather happy with how it turned out, and this is one of the two Harry Potter moc`s I`m building for the conventions season this summer, hope you like it!

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