donderdag 21 april 2016

Lego Build: 41558 Mixels Mixadel

In today`s build report, we`re putting together the second of the Medieval tribe Mixels, Mixadel.

Numbering 63 parts, the second tribes member is a sort of walking catapult with a big maw.

The build starts with a couple of 2x4 brown plates, connected by a grey brick.

On the side of these plates, the mixel joints for the legs are added, and the first round studs for the underjaw teeth.

The sides are build up and hold a flipping element in it`s center for the use of the catapult later on.

As the back is rounded out, we make the small and simple arms of the creature and add them to the sides of the build.

The catapult arm, which also features his cyclopean eye and the front teeth, is then put together.  The cup of the catapult is actually a bottom rock piece.

This is then attached to the body.

Next we make the four simple legs, whose only difference is the stud on the front ones, coloured gold instead of brown.

As they are attached, the build stands completed:

And we got some extra parts as well:

Another cute and funny build, though within the tribe this might be the least `good looking` one of the three.  It has some nice elements for future re-use, and you can never go far wrong with predominanlty brown and grey elements anyways in my opinion.

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