maandag 4 april 2016

Welcome to Quinnsville!!!

With the dockmaster office uploaded earlier today, my first phase of the hamlet of Quinnsville is ready.

The jewel of the Chocolate island, she is a private owned settlement in the Brethren of the Brick Seas building game over at Eurobricks, and will be expanded on with 48x48 plates as the story progresses.

But now that all the `modules` have gone on the plates, and those have been build up with roads, the waterside and everything else, this took actually more effort then an actual building moc, and now I can unveil her in full.

She will also be on display this weekend in Wetteren, at the Brick Mania Wetteren Lego event`s pirate lay-out.

The whole hamlet as it stands now, consisting of three seperate modules.  The central part is the one with the various small buildings I made for it so far, while the fort sits on the western beach, and the sailor`s market on the eastern.

A side from the garrison fort`s position, looking down the main street.  The studs making the central road in the city itself do carry over into the sand for a while to make it look like a gentle beginning and ending of that road.

The busy main road, with Sir Smaugton breathing in the fresh air of his endeavour, as the population starts going about with their new life on the frontier.

As you can see, all the previous builds rank up nicely on both sides of the central road, while the waterside fluently goes over into the modules at the side, creating the impression of one big, fluent baseplate. 

And now, work on `phase 2`, or the second 48x48 baseplate, has begun in order to make her expand to both a Town in the game, and a bigger part for Brick Mania Antwerp in november!

Hope you like her, and feel free to build in this groing settlement for the game.  Because remember, WE HAVE COFFEE!!!!

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