dinsdag 5 april 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6872 Xenon X-Craft

If classic space ever had one set that really looked the business of a starfighter, it must be this little set from 1986.

While numbering only 60+ parts, it just captures the look of a real spacefighter, and many a swooshing has been done with it when I was still a wee little fella 30 years ago.

It also came with a pilot, one of the yellow spacemen.

And his brickbuild companion robot (on whom the 2014 space commerative set was based)

The base of the vessel is made by a modified plate and two light grey slopes.

This is build up with blue elements, like the large wings, to give it it`s fighter appearance.

The whole topside is covered in these, including the hinges for the side parts.  A printed tile makes up the control panel, as small grey engines are added.

An equipment (or motor compartment) is then added behind the cockpit, and it is all closed up, the cockpit itself being covered by a trans-yellow canopy.

A big rocket engine then is placed on top of this, as details like power hoses and antenna`s are installed on the bodywork.

The cannons are the final part that go to the front of the vessel

And the full set stands completed:

This truly remains one of the coolest sets a kid could have back then, in an era of space opera`s abundant on the television.  I have really fond memories of it, and still smile when thinking back on it, even though as an AFOL, space isn`t really my thing :-)

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