vrijdag 1 april 2016

The House of Knowledge

Dear Felipe de la Manzana

I have well received your letter for the request if I had some scientific experts here in Quinnsville that might aid you in your search of knowledge about the Ténotclaxcans native society.

I have taken this letter to our local science counsil, to find a suitable doctor for your needs, our former foremost expert Lapzwanzer being all caught up in the secret of producing chocolate and not of much more use.

Upon mine arrival in the residence where our small gathering of scientist work (well, it seemed the only work they actually do is tossing papers and maps all over the place), I have brought your request forth, and can now inform you that they have agreed to join you in your endeavours.

I expect them to be all ready for the voyage towards Elysabethtown within a week`s time, and will send word forward as soon as they have boarded the ship heading your way.

Yours sincerly

Sir Thomas Smaugton
Mayor of Quinnsville

This build of a small scientist residence (which will be licensed as a `small residence` for the economics game) is the result of a collaboration between myself and Faladrin. 

This idea came about in february, as we both are members of the same trade company in the game, MAESTRO, making it a bit simpler to have `inter-factional relationships` to go about working this.

Continued in the next part when the daring scientists will be send on their way :-)

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