maandag 25 april 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6770 Lunar Transporter Patroller

Today`s classic build takes us back to 1988 and the days of Futuron, but also to the subtheme of Light and Sound.

That was a series of a few City and Space sets that came with a battery holder, bricks with conduction and small lights and sound elements that made the sets light up going `wieew wieew wieew`.

This vehicle, which came with a yellow spaceman, was a wheeled machine which carried the sound and light mechanisms all in the back section of the patroller vehicle.

We start the build with the front section of the car, based on a long plate to which wedge and connector are added.

While the wheel holders are placed at the underside, the edges on the top are bulked out a little.

At the back of this section sits a large rocket engine, and while the pilots chair and controls are added, we place the very large wheels on this front section.  This results in a sort of big buggy tractor like machine.

The aft section uses the same base as the front, yet inverted ofcourse and now with a receptacle piece for the ball joint.

While the wheel axles are placed at the bottom, racks are used to hold the battery holder later on.

We first place the large wheels underneath this carriage, and add some detailing to the section.

The vehicle can now be connected, as we will be doing the next part of the build with the special conductive plates.

The battery holder gets a build up which leads to the front lights, with said conductive plates, allowing you to push the button and have the lights flash.

That whole core is then covered up with regular black plates and dishes to add detailing to it, ready to be placed on the back carriage of the set.

And the full set stands completed:

Light and Sound was a fun subtheme back then, but it really ate batteries in the hands of a then 10-year old hehehe.  It isn`t that much of an awesome build actually, but yup, the special effects make up for a LOT in this set.

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