maandag 25 april 2016

Inspirational Lego #67

Another not-so manic monday, so it`s time for a fresh selection of finds from the internet to be shared with the world.

And once again I`ve tried to cover a variety of ranges and themes, so I hope you enjoy the eye-candy.

Yesterday we started educating the Smurf into some decent movie lore, as we kicked off the The Hobbit series, to lead into the Lord of the Rings.  The first build is from that epic movie series, as Smaug is wallowing in the gold of Erebor.

A whole series of cubehead Uni-Kitty figures is next, all depicting a different Star Wars personae.

This Chest Burster from Aliens is just to creepy for words...

This small vignette of Orcs is really nicely made, including the unfortunate one that wanted to take a shortcut through the swamp.

This locomotive is really realistically build.

Nothing beats a good relaxing day at the beach.

Tequilatron`s latest addition, the Mayahuel VTOL plane.

This stuff of nightmares is something I experienced myself as a 5 year old.  Ever since, I`m dead scared of spiders myself.

This druid`s recluse makes fantastic use of wheel mudflaps to recreate the eye symbol on the wall.

And we end the week with this great creation by Orion Pax, who made a classic cartoon series with his Dino Riders builds.

I hope you enjoy the looksies of this week, and until the next episode!

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