dinsdag 19 april 2016

Lego Build: 41557 Camillot

This years Medieval range of three Mixels was one of those that I had on my wishlist to 'fill' up orders, when you need those last 2 or 3 euro to get free shipping from Lego.com, and they are actually cheaper then the shipping cost otherwise

And I like this series, being that their medieval style of tribe makes that they come with some very suitable parts for my builds.  I have the whole tribe now, and will be featuring them in the coming week as build reports, including their Max version in the end.

The first one of the series I`m doing is Camillot, who looks a bit like a walking, armed tower from a chess game.  Opening the bag, we get a heap of parts together with the instruction booklet.

His build starts with an inverted slope which holds two ball joint elements.

His lower body, which is basically the underside of his jaw, is build upon this as a base of a round plate.  Upon this the bottom teeth are places and modified bricks are added to the sides.

Another round plate is then used for the basis of the topside of the head.  His nose looks like a sort of small chimney poking out to the front, and the whole section is enclosed by arches.

Another round plate goes on this and small cheesecake slopes and a flag go on top, making it look like the towers cranellations.

These two sections are then connected by the ball and joint pieces to finish the central bodywork.

His arms are the next things we build, and both are really simple affairs, one consisting just of two basic elements.

The final part we need to put together are his short legs.  These are pretty "mixel standard" slopes with some detailing that are connected to the body with balljoint elements.

And the full set stands completed:

The set also came with a few extra pieces:

While I just build these guys for a report and then part them out into my MOC element boxes, I really do like the Mixels range.  They have great elements with the ball joints, and this range in particular comes in the `good colours` for a fantasy builder as myself, so I definitly find them worth it if only for topping your order over the free shipping minimum limit.

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