zaterdag 30 april 2016

May the 4th be With You VIP Event

This morning saw the VIP event for this years Lego May the 4th event take place.

Reductions on selected sets, polybags, posters, but most importantly, a very, very limited set for collectors.

"Escape the Space Slug" is a set limited to 3500 copies worldwide, at a ratio of 28 per Lego store to be handed out.  This is highly collectable stuff, so scandalously enough there are at moment of writing already 14 listed on eBay!!!  Including 3 using the Confidential Watermark picture...

Now, the requirement for this set was that you needed to purchase for a certain amount, and I opted to get me the cool looking TIE from the latest movie at last, as well as the Final Duel set, for whom I Kickstarter purchased those led powered Lightsabers last year.

You also received the choice of polybag.  You could either get the First Order Stormtrooper, which will only be available through Lego and online Shop at Home, or the cooler Admiral Huxley, but who won`t be a May the 4th exclusive and will reappear in a promotion later on.  I opted for the Trooper because of the higher exclusivity, and I`ll get Huxley in the future then.

Of course, Mr Freeze came along to join in the fun...

You also got the new Lego-ised poster of the Force Awakens, to go with the 6 classic posters of last year.

The final goodie is a very cool looking, printed on sturdy cardboard artstyle poster from Star Wars.

I really, really love this one, and it will certainly be framed up and hung in the mancave, it`s artsy style makes it a real gem in my opinion.

Great stuff this year if you ask me!

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