dinsdag 26 april 2016

Lego Build: 41559 Paladum

In this days build report, we have the third and final one of the Medieval Mixels series, the horselike Paladum.

Like all the Medieval ones, he comes with nice colours, but also the new `teeth` elements in white.

Opening the package we get the pile of elements as well as the instruction booklet.

We start the build with a brown plate, to which we get some ball connectors attached.

The central body part is then build up, with enough bars and connectors to have the model articulate in a lot of different directions.

As the short backlegs are attached, the bodywork is covered up.

The legs at the front are also attached then to the body.

The head features the new teeth elements, four in total, as we connect the single eye of Paladum to his head.

The neck piece is then assembled and put between the big head and smaller body, giving a comical look to the model.

With the golden wings, the horse is complete.

The set also comes with one of the small black Nixel creatures, which is made up of a few parts and a printed face element.  It also carries a silver spear.

The full set completed:

Not much of additional pieces with this set, but they are useful:

This was a nice series of Mixels, and a good buy for the few euros they cost.  I`ll probably end up getting some more of this series as "order fillers" with Lego, just for the elements, and that will be multiple copies of this one, Paladum, in all likelyness!

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