dinsdag 5 april 2016


One of the recent flemish films, this one came out on BluRay this week and the GF bought it, so we settled down to have a look.

Now, called `The Ardennes` in the english subtitled version, this is a thriller / drama about the life of two lowgrade criminals, chavs like they are called in english, Geordie Shore material... you get the idea.


Whan a brutal homejacking goes horribly wrong, Dave, one of the robbers, has to leave his brother Kenny behind.  When Kenny, who hasn`t told anyone about his brother`s nor his girlfriends involvement, comes out of jail four years later, he finds that Dave has gotten his life on the rails.  Unbeknowst to him though, Dave is also together with Kenny`s former girlfriend Sylvie, and she expects his child.

But Kenny is trying everything to get her back, unfortunatly he is a bit `loose in the head` and this leads from one violent act to another.


Well, this was a bit of a special film for me personally.  It`s made in my `native dialect`, it has a lot of scenes literally filmed in my backyard, and looking back, I can imagine half of my classmates of 20 odd years ago having ended up in this sort of situations to be honest.

It`s a hard movie, and the ultimate resolution was, well, really unexpected.  I liked this film, a LOT.

Rating: 7 / 10

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