vrijdag 22 april 2016

So much to build... work in progress update

It happens all the time I guess to us AFOL`s.  We get ideas, we start building and we run out of time or start something else from an even newer idea.

And in between all that, you hit on something else and you start building for that project as well... cutting down even more time.

Well, for me the latter is the Brethren of the Brick Seas building project, which resulted in my village of Quinnsville that I took along to Wetteren.  But I want to expand on it some more with definitly a tavern, a gambling den, a church, a plantation...

And of course sailing ships.  The main vessel I`m building, a 6th rate frigate for the game, is coming along nicely and should be completed before the summer.

Apart from that, I`m also doing a small build for my faction, moc`cing up a 2A we had captured in the game, the Cod Hunter, and so the navy can license and use her.  Still some work on her though to go, like the full hind deck for one.

For the convention season I`m planning some Harry Potter builds, and while I finished one today, and which I`ll be showing somewhere soonish, I`m also wanting to build a big one based on the first movie.  Unfortunatly, I haven`t gotten futher yet then preparing the base plate to start building on.

Also for the club in a way, I want to (finally?) build something Star Wars-y, and that will be the demise of Aayla Secura.  Though this is only in it`s concept stage, meaning I have a vague idea of size and what minifigures I`ll be using, I`m really going to try and get it done for july together with the bigger HP build.

This of course means some other things won`t be happening, and in the first place I`m thinking my idea to make Jurassic World paddocks for the sets.  They just, well, don`t get progressed on, as my latest one has been looking like this for months now, and I`ll probably start breaking it down again soon to recycle the parts.

The same will happen with the Project Merak builds.  the already completed layouts will be getting torn down, and these two small ones I had started on won`t get finished, as I lost the drive and incentive to do them with the other projects taking over.

But of course, there will always be my Middle Earth for that nice and relaxing building moment, as an "everlasting" project it doesn`t have any deadlines at all and when something gets done, it well, gets done.  I laid down a small road plate for the next idea I`m having, and I`m going to invest strongly the coming months in Tolkien minifigures to have more then enough for the coming years.

Well, that`s about it on what I have been working the past few months, I`ll keep you posted when something rolls of the building tables.


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