woensdag 13 april 2016

Lego Build: Kiki the Parrot

Today`s small build report is a bit of a special thingie, as it was the polybag that came with the Friends magazine last week.

I often tend to pick up these magazines from the various ranges, not to collect them all, but when they have a nice minifigure or small set with useful parts attached to them.

Like this one, called Kiki the Parrot...

Opening the small bag, we get the green parrot as well as some pieces to make the little tree she sits on.

And a picture camera for one of your Friends minidolls to use and snap some photo`s of the nesting bird.

The base of the tree is a 4x4 green plate, to which in the back left corner the tree will be made.

At the front there is a bowl with blue flames, whom I suspect represents a small tropical plant.  Surely an idea I`ll be carrying onwards for a sci-fi build I have in the back of my head.

The tree contains a small nest, with a white stud representing an egg in it.

And it also has a magenta berry element, that goes on the end of the leaves of the tree.

The full set completed;

This was a nice bag, with some good elements in it and the parrot itself has so many uses for my pirate village, it was worth the few euro the magazines tend to cost for sure!

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