zondag 3 april 2016

The Haul Report # 23

Another week of little additions to the collection, and this week it have been mostly... comics.

Not just any comics though, but the limited edition Lego cover art variants from Marvel.  

A few years back, with the release of the Marvel Lego game, they did the same as they did last year with DC, bringing out a set of 19 comics with alternate Lego art covers drawn by L. Castellani.  A year later, a 20th comic joined this series with the first issue of a new Rocket Raccoon series.

This week, I got some of those alternate covers which I picked up at FACTS yesterday, being the apparently harder to find Wolverine cover ones.

As well as the Rocket Raccoon one that fell in my mailbox a few days earlier.

Combined with the Wolverine covers was also a Brick Journal I didn`t have yet.

The final gain this week was actually the first one that arrived.  A small order from Lego containing the Jurassic World set for Dimensions, added together with the 3 `medieval` Mixels.  Oh, and yet another one of those Chicken Suit guys... I got a whole henhouse of them by now :-s

All in all, a week of rather `exclusive` items for once, nice stuff :-)

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